Wednesday, 16 July 2014

Road trip to Regina

Me and my roommate decided to take a little road trip for the weekend down to Regina to see a Rough Riders football game and some other stuff. We left Saturday morning and came back Sunday night and drove roughly 900 km. We had a blast at the Football game, In Moos Jaw exploring the Al capone tunnels, going to the films set of "Corner Gas" and exploring Regina! All together a awesome weekend. 

We came 2 hours early and it was already quite full, by the time the game started the whole stadium was full with people. I believe the it was a sold out game.  Also we were lucky that we had just perfect weather! 
Every time BC had the ball the whole stadium started to "BOOOoooo" really loud! 

Mascot Of the Rough Riders

2 hours before the game started 
At the beginning of the the game, nuts how many people came. 

For the road trip we got a rantle car for free for 2 days, a Ford Fusen 2012. Drieves awesome and is so good on gas, to Regina and back plus some driving around we spend roughly 90$  (900-1000Km we drove) 

At the film set for "Corner Gas" never watched it but people say its really good

Not only did we had perfect weather all weekend long, we also drove along a beautiful high way with miles and miles of those fields. Everything is so flat and you are able to see so far. 

On the way Home we stopped by this lovely Village called "DrinkWater" quite the name... Well we took it to the test!

Great food and awesome looking place!

The Tunnels of moose Jaw is a year-round tourist attraction that entertains quests with unique productions of Canadian History. Head beneath the streets of downtown Moose jaw and undergo two guided theatrical tours. Relieve Al capones bootlegging days in the Chicago Connection tour

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