Wednesday, 30 July 2014

Building wood windows.

 So finally after 3 weeks we are done with building 7 double hung windows for the "Tea house" at the Western Development Museum in North battleford Sk. We had to replace the old windows because they were in bad condition.

The new windows itself are made out of 30+ year old Fir wood planks that were roughly 3"x12"x12Ft.

First we had to cut the rough lumber into proper lengths so we can transport it into the shop for the next steps.

First we had to figure what the exact size of the windows are going to be and than we started doing the math and list of material and cutting lists to speed up the progress, keep in mind all 7 windows are the same size so it would of been a waist of time to do each window individually. 

 After cutting everything to the right length and width and cutting and making all the joints the windows are ready to get put together. 

 After all the windows and the frames are put together we start putting the first layer of paint on.

Time to put the Glass in and start window putting.

An old window nailer from 1940s, works still great! 

After doing a couple of windows it started to look better.

Taking the old windows out and putting the new ones in! 

 Final product.

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