Thursday, 31 July 2014

Is it candy?

Cricket in a lollipop ! So cool.

Wednesday, 30 July 2014

Building wood windows.

 So finally after 3 weeks we are done with building 7 double hung windows for the "Tea house" at the Western Development Museum in North battleford Sk. We had to replace the old windows because they were in bad condition.

The new windows itself are made out of 30+ year old Fir wood planks that were roughly 3"x12"x12Ft.

First we had to cut the rough lumber into proper lengths so we can transport it into the shop for the next steps.

First we had to figure what the exact size of the windows are going to be and than we started doing the math and list of material and cutting lists to speed up the progress, keep in mind all 7 windows are the same size so it would of been a waist of time to do each window individually. 

 After cutting everything to the right length and width and cutting and making all the joints the windows are ready to get put together. 

 After all the windows and the frames are put together we start putting the first layer of paint on.

Time to put the Glass in and start window putting.

An old window nailer from 1940s, works still great! 

After doing a couple of windows it started to look better.

Taking the old windows out and putting the new ones in! 

 Final product.

Sunday, 27 July 2014

Healthy eating

Well it took me less than 3 weeks to finish this box of 48 snickers... #healthyliving

Wednesday, 23 July 2014

Blacksmithing a Hammer

Its a couple of weeks ago I did blacksmithing for the first time and it was an awesome experience's so I thought I would chare it with you guys!

Since I was a kid I always wanted to try blacksmithing. My current boss is an veteran blacksmith with over 30 years of experience, and during one of the Western development museum event days he asked me if I was interested in helping him out in the blacksmith and learn some stuff. Of course I said yes!

2 days we ran the blacksmith it was super fun but much harder than I expected. People think that you simply put steel in a flame take it out and hammer on it for a while till a sword is created. Well my reality was that I was struggling more with how to grab the steel and hold it so I can hammer it.
It does sound easy but concentrating on how to hold it and hammering it right and all that really quick (you have roughly 30s before you have to put it back in the flame) is a lot of things you have to multi task at the same time.

Well I ended up making my self a little hammer. Not beautiful but with a bit of grinding it turned out nice :)
Blacksmithing is one of the things I will continue learning in the future.

Sunday, 20 July 2014

Little shopping trip

A guy I work with had some spare Hardwood in his shop and offered it to me for cheap money. 4 Board Ft of beautiful Padouk (West African wood) and 5 Board Ft of mahogany ( South American wood) 
And he gave me 48 Wood species templates. 
Not really sure what I am going to make with them yet but I will come up with something awesome I think. 

Saturday, 19 July 2014

Parade time

Well finally after 3 weeks of hard work and a lot of painting we finished our "Dino cake" for this years parade in Battle ford SK.

The theme for the parade was "birthday" and since the western development museum has a dinosaur exhibit going on right now we decided to build a Dino that runs trough a birthday cake!

I can't really say that this is something that a heritage carpenter would do but The parade it self went awesome and the kids loved it so I'm happy!

Rust rust and more rust!

Well after one year of owing my car I decided to finally tackle my rust problem... Turns out it is worse than I thought it was going to be.
Pretty much every thing is rusted away and where nothing is, its hard to to weld something on right? 
I think I did the best I could for today and tomorrow I'm going to do the fine tuning and eventually it will be covered by plastic siding anyways.

Thursday, 17 July 2014

Life edge maple table

This is one of my first bigger project I ever did back in High school. 
It is made out of one solid piece of Canadian maple covered in different layers of clear coat. 
The base is made out of 2"x2" steel bars welded together and polished. 
The table top screws off the metal base so transportation is easy. 

I tried selling it on Etsy for a while but never could find a buyer. 

My little friend

Every morning when I open up the WD  museum I find this little guy staring at me :p

Wednesday, 16 July 2014

Road trip to Regina

Me and my roommate decided to take a little road trip for the weekend down to Regina to see a Rough Riders football game and some other stuff. We left Saturday morning and came back Sunday night and drove roughly 900 km. We had a blast at the Football game, In Moos Jaw exploring the Al capone tunnels, going to the films set of "Corner Gas" and exploring Regina! All together a awesome weekend. 

We came 2 hours early and it was already quite full, by the time the game started the whole stadium was full with people. I believe the it was a sold out game.  Also we were lucky that we had just perfect weather! 
Every time BC had the ball the whole stadium started to "BOOOoooo" really loud! 

Mascot Of the Rough Riders

2 hours before the game started 
At the beginning of the the game, nuts how many people came. 

For the road trip we got a rantle car for free for 2 days, a Ford Fusen 2012. Drieves awesome and is so good on gas, to Regina and back plus some driving around we spend roughly 90$  (900-1000Km we drove) 

At the film set for "Corner Gas" never watched it but people say its really good

Not only did we had perfect weather all weekend long, we also drove along a beautiful high way with miles and miles of those fields. Everything is so flat and you are able to see so far. 

On the way Home we stopped by this lovely Village called "DrinkWater" quite the name... Well we took it to the test!

Great food and awesome looking place!

The Tunnels of moose Jaw is a year-round tourist attraction that entertains quests with unique productions of Canadian History. Head beneath the streets of downtown Moose jaw and undergo two guided theatrical tours. Relieve Al capones bootlegging days in the Chicago Connection tour