Saturday, 2 August 2014

Modern looking mirror

I wanted to try this out for a long time now and finally got the chance and time to do it this weekend! 
This mirror is made out of 100% recycled wood (Fir wood) cut individual into size and shape. 
The finished mirror it self is 32"x23". 
I am not sure yet if I should keep the mirror or sell it.

I chose fir wood because it has a nice grain too it, I like the color of the wood and we had a whole bunch of left over pieces that I did not wanted to throw out.
First I had to get the frame off the mirror, It was only glued on so it was not that difficult but be sure to take your time with it so it does not break on you!
For my back I chose recycled window frame bored. I ripped them into the right width and than glued them together. After that I glued on the mirror itself with a quick drying glue.
I lifted the mirror up so I am able to use my air gun underneath it. I used glue and nails to hold each wood piece.
To cute every piece into rough shape I used the band saw and than finished it with the belt sander.
After roughly 3 hours of work i was 1/4 done! 

I put roughly 8 hours into this and 20$. It is not perfect but does look nice. It is also an really easy project to make I think.

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