Monday, 4 August 2014

Chess board

A friend of mine ask if I could teach her some woodworking stuff so I decided to  show her how to build a chess board. 
The chess board itself is made out of 2 different hard woods and one softwood and each square is 1"x1". It took us roughly 8 hours to finish both chess boards (I made one my self and I showed her how to make one as well)

To make the chess board you need two different kinds of woods, one dark wood and one light wood. I planed each board down to roughly 1-1/4". 
        Next I ripped 8 stripes from each board (8 stripes for each chess board, 4 dark 4 light).
  Lay everything out in an pattern and than glue it on plywood, Make sure you use enough glue specially on the ends other wise little pieces will fall off later on. 
 Now you rip 1" stripes across the board. I flipped my board upside down to avoid tear out.
 After you done all this you should have 8 stripes with each 8 tiles. Do the same thing as before and glue everything side by side but make sure when you clamp everything down that you put equal pressure on every side. 
 If you do it right it should turn out like this, there is glue and paper on it but that does not matter since I will use the belt sander later to flatten everything down and make it nice and smooth. 
 Last but not least you have to decided what kind of frame you make around it. Let your creativity kick!

 Finished product! I did not put any stain or clear coat on this because I think it will ruin the nice color of the wood. 

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