Tuesday, 9 September 2014

Timber framing day 1

My second year college classes started about a week ago, and one of the classes we have is timber framing. In 7-8 weeks we learn and build a 16'-8' timber frame building from scratch. My class is 16 people strong and at have roughly 7-8 hours a week to work on this.

We started by making teams off 2 and each group had to choose one section of the timber frame that they are going to make. Me and my partner choose the top plate, it takes the longest amount of time Because you have to do a lot of chisel work and cutting for the rafters (for the roof), braces(support) and beams but we figured  it would be fun and interesting.

I'm a couple of days into the project now and will up load some pictures ever couple of days trying to explain each step we did with pictures to follow And after we are done I will make one big blog post.

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